Mastering Your Money Mindset: A 4-Step Journey
This activity can help you indentify and prevent emotional spending triggers

Understanding What Goes on When You Emotionally Spend
Recall a time when you emotionally spent. What did you buy and what was your mood that day? 
Think of the expectation you had for that purchase. What need, want, or desire were you hoping it would fulfill?
Reflect on Fulfillment
Assess if the purchase met your need, want, or desire when you bought it, first used it, and today.
Reflect on your reaction when you realized it might not have been the best decision. How did you treat yourself?
Building Filters for Change
Filter #1
Identify Triggers
Pinpoint common feelings/emotions and items/services that trigger emotional spending.
What actions can you take to prevent such spending?
Filter #2
Finding Your Why
List wants/needs/goals you have to save up for.
When considering a purchase, ask if it's worth it compared to investing in your wants/needs/goals.
Filter #3
Ultimate Question Filter
Create questions like "How many times will I use it?" or "What value does it bring to my life?"
Incorporate these into your shopping routine for quicker decision-making.
Naming Your Practice Filters
Specify which filters you plan to practice. Whether it's identifying triggers, focusing on your goals, or asking ultimate questions, name the filters that will guide your path to mindful spending.
Empowering Your Financial Journey: Embracing Growth
  1. Remember, everyone has their unique financial journey, and we all encounter moments of emotional spending.
  2. It's not about perfection; it's about progress.
  3. Be gentle with yourself, and acknowledge the courage it takes to confront these habits.
  4. Shame has no place here.
  5. Instead, see this as an opportunity for growth and empowerment. By identifying triggers and building filters, you're equipping yourself with tools to make intentional choices.
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